General Policy


The Journal Editor-in-Chief has the objective to keep international practices in research and publications by monitoring the growth of the Journal through relevant indexing institutions.


This emerging Journal is multidisciplinary and accepts manuscripts from Economics, Social Sciences, Management Sciences and Education. The Editor-in-chief accepts articles that are empirical, reviews, conceptual, book reviews, position papers and related styles of paper writing. It accepts development and policy papers from well-researched topics and institutions, specifically, articles from Economics, Development Studies, Political Science, Sociology, Geography, Entrepreneurship, and Research in Economics, Social Science, Education, experimental and other related topics to Economics, Social and Education are accepted for publication.


The journal is a quarterly publication running four (4) issues per year. It runs both print and online versions.



Title and Authors

The title of the manuscript and authors should be in separate document to allow for blind review. (Download the Template document here)



The content of article abstract should not be more than 200 words which must be in block form (i.e. without paragraph) and it should be italicized). The Abstract Page must contain the Title, Keywords and body only.



The article should contain maximum of five (5) keywords to assist the Google and other search engines make the article accessible to readers.


The Body

The body shall be divided into five sections comprise introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Results and Conclusion for empirical papers. For others, follow appropriate style of organizing such manuscript. Total words of the body should not be less than 3,000 and or greater than 8000.


Peer Review

The article submitted shall be subjected to a blind peer review. The author and reviewer should not have prior knowledge of each other. Otherwise, the article shall be retracted by the Editor.


Article Format

All articles submitted to the Journal should be in Microsoft Word (MS-Word) document. It should be ‘12’ font and single line spaced.



Editor-in-Chief has no tolerance for high similarity index. The accepted similarity index tolerance is 20%. Otherwise, the article shall be reverted back to the author.



Author should acknowledge the sponsor of the article (e.g. TETFund), contributions of anyone who made contribution to the paper and the affiliated institution if the article comes from student’ thesis/project. The article should put the acknowledgement in a separate Ms-Word document.


Article Processing Charge (APC)

The APC of each article is $60 for online publication. The APC shall be for the (i) article publication (ii) website maintenance and (iii) office expenses.



Author should ensure that all called authors in the body should be on the reference list. Author should use APA 7th Edition. Wikipedia is NOT accepted as a reference.


Tables and Figures


All tables should follow APA format. The Table(s) should be well labeled containing Arabic numerals. The title of the table should be at the Top of the Table. All tables should be in the body of the manuscript. Table should be centralized.



All graphs in the body of the manuscript should be in APA format. It should be properly labeled and put below the Figure. The Figure should be Fig. 1 in the order of the figures.

NOTE: if the figure is coloured the author shall pay additional cost of the colour separation.


Consent and Ethical Clearance

Should a research involves human or animal, the author should submit evidence of participant’s consent as well as submit Ethical Clearance Certificate while submitting the manuscript to the Journal Editor.


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